Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recommended Reading- Robert Munsch

While custom created stories are special to my kids, my family still has lots of enthusiasm for children’s books.  I have lots of favorites that include both timeless tales like The Three Little Pigs and more offbeat choices like Robert Munsch’s Pigs.  

If you are looking for something to inspire silly and bizarre, Robert Munsch has some great stuff.  If you know him only for his very popular Love You Forever book, then you may not know he can be really zany too.  Here are some titles of his that my kids and I have enjoyed.  Our library had more than one copy of several of these titles.

1. Pigs.  Super silly and lots of laughs when a little girl lets her family's pigs loose.  My kids were particularly delighted when the pigs peed on the shoes and drove the bus.  If you mind the word “dumb” then you may want to preview or skip this one.  I don’t mind and for my kids at least, it has not yet made them rude.

2. Smelly Socks.  Tina gets new colorful socks.  She refuses to wash them.  Finally her friends throw her in the river to get her to wash those socks.

3. Alligator Baby.  Kristen’s mom is going to have a baby, but instead of going to the hospital, she accidentally goes to the zoo.  She and Dad continue to bring home the wrong babies.

4. Stephanie’s Ponytail. Stephanie sets her own style.  Others tease her but follow her lead at their own peril.

5. Mortimer.  Mortimer won’t go to sleep.  He makes a lot of noise.  Nobody can calm him down.  I didn’t love this one, but my kids asked for it a lot when we had it checked out.

What are your favorites from Robert Munsch?   

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