Monday, August 27, 2012

Catherine's Dragon Tale

Like any kid, mine was hyper focused on her birthday.  She got some great gifts, but nothing this cool!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Catherine.  She was very excited to celebrate her 6th birthday.  She opened all of her presents.  She got Barbie dolls, games, makeup, and art supplies.  She thought she had opened up all of her gifts when she noticed a one shiny, tiny box left.  She carefully opened the box and pulled out a necklace with a beautiful, red jewel.  On the jewel were the words: disappear, fly, and speak.  

Catherine was very curious.  She put the necklace on and touched the jewel.  “I wonder why it says disappear,” she said.  As soon as she said it, she disappeared.  Nobody could see her.  She said it again and reappeared.  She knew she had a very powerful necklace.  She touched the jewel again and said, “fly.”  Around the room she flew.  She touched it again and said “speak.”  Nothing happened.  She peeked in the box for instructions.  Nothing.  “Hmm,” she thought.  “I will have to figure this out.”  

One day, an enormous, fire-breathing dragon flew into town.  He was very scary.  People ran away frightened and the fire department couldn’t keep up with all the fires he started.  Catherine was determined to help.  She pulled out her magic necklace and touched the jewel. “Disappear” she commanded.  She was instantly invisible.  “Fly,” she continued.  Up in the air she flew to get a closer look at the dragon.  As soon as she got close to the dragon, she could see why he was so upset.  He had a large splinter in his toe!  Catherine said, “Hey, Mr. Dragon, can I help you.”  The dragon didn’t seem to understand.  That’s when Catherine figured it out.  She touched her jewel and said, “speak.”  Instantly she could speak Dragon.  She tried again with the magic, “Hey Mr. Dragon!  Can I help you?”  This time the dragon stopped and looked around.  Catherine used her magic to reappear.  

“I see you have a splinter.  I know that hurts.  Can I help?”  The dragon sniffled.  “My toe hurts so bad.  Do you think you can?”

“Sure I can,” Catherine replied.  Then she explained to the dragon about the time she got a splinter stuck in her finger so long that she had to go to the doctor.  “I had to hold really still so the doctor could get it out.  It hurt, but I held very still and now my finger is all better.”  She held up her finger for the dragon to see.  

The dragon sat very still while Catherine pulled the splinter out.  When it was all out, she put some medicine on the sore and wrapped a sheet around his toe for a bandage.  She realized the dragon wasn’t scary at all.  In fact, he was a lot of fun.  His name was Burnie and he was a talented dragon.  He liked to tell jokes and stories.  So Catherine decided to take him camping with her friends.  She brought the marshmallows and Burnie brought the fire.  They all lived happily ever after.

If you are telling this story to a boy and don’t like the idea of a necklace, a ring or coin could work too.  Catherine did really have to go to the doctor for a splinter removal so that particular problem was tailored for her.  Tweak this to any type of problem your child would relate to.      

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